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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Top 20 Rap Albums All Time

Here's my top 20 rap albums of all time...Ranked in terms of their impact upon me and my love for the music..

"Licensed to Ill" - Beastie Boys - The rock/rap crossover appeal lured me in, and I was hooked for good

"Raising Hell" - RUN DMC - Wow I can remember playing this tape over and over in my walkman on trips with my parents..I bet they wish I never got a walkman ;)

"The Low End Theory" - A Tribe Called Quest - This tape and group is what really got me into rap, their style was so unique and varied and the beats were full of soulful bass and horns, strings and just good stuff.

"Death Certificate" - Ice Cube - Another one I listened to quite a bit. Yes it was gangsta, and violent and full of racist ideas and suggestions, but its an eye opener for sure.

"De La Soul is Dead" - De La Soul - Another group like Tribe who really fueled my love for rap. Their creativity is unparalleled and this concept tape was amazing.

"The Chronic" -Dr Dre
- Another one that along with Ice Cube really got me into that gangsta westcoast scene.

"Paid in Full" - Eric B & Rakim
- Most people know this has to be in a top 10 for greatest rap albums. I bought it later than sooner (like 1997) but even so I recognize its major importance to the genre.

"Straight Outta Compton" - N.W.A.
More gangsta, got this album late too, but I knew it had to be part of my collection.

"Illmatic" - Nas
- My alltime favorite rapper with his 1st debut album, and a definite classic


"Reasonable Doubt"/"Black Album" (tie) - Jay Z
- Very hard to call this one, one album marked the start of a great career, the other was the "supposed"end. But both are extremely introspective & deep.

"Ready to DIE" - BIG
- RIP to one of the all time greatest, baby baby.

"Enter the 36 Chambers" - Wu Tang Clan
- I remember first getting my hands on this from my roommate at UCONN and loving the rawness of the combined talents of this group..amazing style.

"The Infamous" - Mobb Deep
- I remember the hype that built up before this release dropped, and it definitely lived up to it..It sure bumped the bass out of our 81' Corolla ;)

"Fear of a Black Planet" - Public Enemy the rap revolutionaries..Another group with alot to say.

"The College Dropout" - Kanye West
- This really should be higher because it has so much meaning to me, just the concept of Kanye's career and what he's come through to get where he is.

"93 Til Infinity" - Souls of Mischief - These guys were interesting, because they came from the West Coast but had a nitty gritty underground style,like the Native Tongues..fresh.

17)"The Fix" - Scarface - I used to listen to this album over and over while driving for a job I had, it was rare at the time because there wasnt many good rap albums out..but this one is solid start to finish.

18)"Me Against the World" - 2PAC - An all time rap top 20 list needs to include BIG & Pac, two of rap's finest. This album's title track is legendary.

"The Score" - The Fugees
- Classic hip hop, soulful singing, reggae and rap all in one.

"Can I Borrow a Dollar?" - Common Sense - This one will surprise people, but I remember getting his tape off a recommend buy in "Source" magazine. And it mesmerized me in my walkman, because the style was just so off base and out there..and now, hes one of my top 3 faves, all time.

(Honorable mentions: EPMD - Business as Usual or Business Never Personal, Eminem - Marshall Mathers LP, Redman - Whut? Thee Album, Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions, LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out)

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