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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Album Review - Hell Hath No Fury by Clipse

Clipse are back, about 4 years later, but in very good form. With their follow-up album to "Grindin", Hell Hath No Fury unleashes the fury of another near-classic release for 2006 (in addition to Lupe, Game and Roots, Jedi Mind Tricks and Apathy).

The songs are strong on this release as the production is mainly handled by Pharrell who spins futuristic beats in the background, which the Clipse adeptly drop their verses over. Pharrell appears on "Mr. Me Too", the braggadocious the lead single discussing how Clipse know of and fend off copycats or immitators. "Wamp Wamp" features a guest spot from Slim Thug with the chorus of "Wamp Wamp, what it do?" discussing more of the party scene and pimping. "Chinese New Year" is a solid end to this album, with discussion of breaking and entering as an addiction and how the sounds from CHinese New Year are like those of the exploding gunfire. Lines like "Mask on face, glock in hand..I was in and out of homes like the Orchid man.." lace this solid track. "Nightmares" discusses the visions that haunt the Clipse from their past and present.

XXL awarded this its highest rating and while there's no real poor songs on here the subject matter gets repetitive. We get enough of the "livin the life, crime, drugs, violence" in most rap, but not in as well crafted a package as the Clipse present here. The beats and lyrics are solid enough to place them as stars amongst the likes of EPMD, Mobb Deep, and many other 2 man groups in the genre. They come off as solid veterans with no holding back. Definitely one of the albums to add to your 2006 collection.

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