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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Flav & Conan

Flavor Flav appeared on the recent Conan O'Brien show, and sat alongside other guest, Martin Short. Hilarious interview with Flav wearing what looked like the clock off the wall of a school classroom. Flav promised Conan he would get his whole family decked out in clocks. They also showed a slideshow of the various hats Flav has worn.
Flav said his dreamgirl is the girl he can wake up next to and she's still looking pretty, or one that he can push her face into some cookie dough and make angel cookies.
Flav noted that he and Chuck D are getting back with Bomb Squad to make a new P.E. album which will sound alot like "It Takes a Nation of Millions"..

The show ended with Conan trying on Flav's jacket and clock..Nice look.

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