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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Jay-Z Pushin Coke Again

No, before the lawsuits fly, lets clarify, the Jigga man just helped Coca-Cola company re-design its Cherry Coke line. The above can depicts the newly styled design by Hova himself. Jay-Z will work with them on ad campaigns as well in the hopes they can revitalize this product of theirs which has fallen off in popularity.

Jay-Z has also been advertising with Budweiser and the new Escalade was released in the special "Jay-Z blue", which is making Jay-Z a brand much like Michael Jordan was for the NBA. So now rap has become ingrained into the pop Jigga, the MJ of rap.

Related to this, did you ever realize how many individual products Coke has out there on the market shelves? Take a look at the Coke products image gallery which depicts probably at least 1 coke product you drink on a regular basis. Whether it's water, soda, energy drink or OJ, you're probably pushing a coke product yourself.

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