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Friday, January 26, 2007

More White Rapper Show

So MC Serch's "search" continues for the heir-apparent to Eminem, if this is at all possible. Seeing the show a few times it is part mockery of the idea of white rappers even existing, part insight into hip hop legend and what it is today.

I respect the guest spots on the show from all time rapstars like Kurtis Blow, DJ Caz and Lord Jamaar, and some of the newer stars such as Juelz Santana and Just Blaze. Unfortunately some of the white emcees on the show put themselves to shame. For example, there is Misfit, who puts all her themes on how "hot she is". Granted she's a hot blonde from the UK, but in terms of emceeing she leaves alot to be desired. G-Child, is a simplistic version of current UK hip hop star, Lady Sovereign. G Child hails from the Allentown, PA area. Now who doesn't have the cred to make it in rap these days?

It is definitely an entertaining show if anything. Seeing an eminem-immitator type cat named Dasit get booted after show after he told MC Serch he didnt prepare anything for a rap battle. Serch proceeded to tell him to sit the F*** down, and Dasit r esponded "dont cuss at me your not my father". Serch told him it was time to go, and in grand fashion asked for his 2 graffiti style converse looking sneakers. As someone is eliminated from the show, Serch takes their personalized sneakers tied together and tosses them up on a wire to hang from. So far, Dasit, Misft and G-Child have been tossed off, but still got the "exposure" they might need for some sort of career.

If I were to pick a clear winner, I'm going to go with John Boy or Sullee. These 2 seems to have the passion and skills to make it. Sullee has already done a mixtape track with Joe Budden (of "Pump It Up" fame). Hailing from Boston, MA he's got that cred. Another favorite might be Persia, who hails from Brooklyn and if u hadn't seen her but only heard her, youd think it was almost Foxy Brown. She's got that hardcore/rough edge and spits some fire.

John Brown is intelligently promoting a "Ghetto Revival" theme, complete with T-shirts for sale on his myspace page. Ok maybe not so intelligent. Lord Jamaar on a recent episode asked "why the F*** you want to revive the ghetto for?"

So while sometimes it's tough to tell if this show was done to remind everyone that a white rapper is such a rarity, it also educates many in the forefathers of hip-hop and where it came from...and it also gives Marc Ecko some solid advertising.

If you want to check out more on the show, visit "" or the official Myspace of white rapper show at :

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