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Monday, July 23, 2007

Album Review: "Finding Forever" by Common

Many artists tend to stick with the style or gimmick that has worked for them, churning out album after album of similar concept tracks. Common is a breath of fresh air in the hip hop genre, as he continues to elevate his game and style musically. His last album, "Be" was Grammy worthy. It is definitely a classic amongst his other works, many that are also at near classic levels as well. The latest release from Common is "Finding Forever" a collection of 12 tracks and 1 bonus track, "Play Your Cards Right" (from the "Smoking Aces" soundtrack).

On Forever, Common continues to elevate his musical game. Points in case are "The People" and "The Game". "The People" examines the struggle and how Common makes music for the people, "the unsung heroes" and those who are struggling. Common examines his own personal struggles and how he's made it to the level he has. "The Game" is a pure example of just how hard Common can be despite the fact his music is generally poetic political, social and cultural examination. With the help of DJ Premiere scratching on the hook and Kanye production, you can't go wrong with either.

That leaves 11 more tracks. Other stand outs include "Drivin' Me Wild" which features Lily Allen singing on the hook with a rattling drum beat in the background. It's the love song with classic lines from Common such as "she was the type to watch Oprah and the Today Show, be on the treadmill like OK Go". "Southside" features the only guest rapper, the album's foremost producer "Kanye West", with Comm and West trading lines about their hometown of Chicago. "Black Maybe" while at a slower tempo hits home points of racial prejudice and struggle, with Common starting "I heard a white man's yes is a black maybe". Common continues to provide serious thoughtful examination of cultural, societal and personal struggles through his music, that few rappers today seem to have the ability to convey so well. The final track is a track which makes you seriously stop and think, what is your "forever"? It includes spoken word to finish out the track which gives you the basis for your argument/discussion and personal introspection.

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