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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lupe Brings The Cool

Lupe Fiasco dropped his follow-up album, "The Cool" this past Tuesday. Previewing several of the tracks, the album is definitely a far cry from his first, "Food & Liquor". Not only is it lengthy at around 22 tracks, but it also seems to have many slow tempo songs. There's still several gems and creative beats such as Go Go Gadget Flow and Paris/Tokyo. While I haven't fully reviewed the album, I wouldn't place it above Common's Finding Forever, Kanye's Graduation or Jay-Z's American Gangster. It may be amongst the top 10 though, as Boston Globe claims in its recent review: Boston Globe reviews "The Cool" by Lupe Fiasco

My main concern with Lupe Fiasco is he said he's only doing 3 total albums then focusing his creative efforts elsewhere. It would seem smarter to hold off on putting this album out until he had the makings of a classic. And a 22 track album in rap is almost never a classic.

There's also an interesting shout out one of the final tracks of the album. Lupe shows out a blog, It's run by several female fans of Lupe's and you'd have to believe it will be getting some extra visits based on Lupe's shout.

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