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Friday, April 04, 2008

AI: Goodbye to Ramiele & Pressure Cook

ramiele malubay american idol This past week, country/pop musician Dolly Parton graced the set of American Idol, lending her expertise and critique as the contestants got ready to perform her music live. Dolly remarked how cute contestant Ramiele Malubay was when she met her and that the song "Did I Ever Cross Your Mind?" was just perfect for her. Unfortunately, America didn't quite agree.

The cute, bubbly, 4'11" singer Ramiele was chosen to be sent home this past week from the show. Now just nine contestants remain. Ramiele most likely didn't have the star presence necessary to win, but I doubt she won't make it in entertainment. She seems perfect for Broadway stage shows or even Disney type performing, such as the Cheetah girls or Hannah Montana. Most of the contestants gain that advantage of being on TV to gain exposure for future music, movie and TV roles. So hopefully someone will come calling for Ramiele Malubay.

Ramiele talks to MTV in a Q&A

Meanwhile Ramiele's fellow contestant, David Cook had a bit of a blood pressure issue this past Tuesday night. It wasn't due to Simon Cowell's remarks. Cook was rushed to the hospital for heart palpitations after the show, and he's just 25 years of age. Luckily, Cook is doing ok now, and continues on the show, but maybe showbiz is pressure Cook-ing him just a bit...a

See David Cook's Myspace page.

The question remains season in and season out, is Judge Simon Cowell too harsh on the contestants? My thoughts would be that if he's in charge of their recording contract and superstar careers, he's got the right to be extremely critical when he views their performances. Some may see it as a major put down, since Paula Abdul is always quite positive in her reviews, no matter what, but Simon realizes the biz itself is harsh, and so his comments follow suit.

Feel free to leave your comments on the latest American Idol decisions and shows...

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