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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Your 2008 American Idol Winner is..

David Cook! America has voted and a new American Idol music star has been chosen. After weeks of singing performances, criticism by the panel of judges, controversy, surprises and eliminations one singer rose above the rest. It was the battle of Davids, with the younger Archuletta versus the older Cook. In what may have been a surprise to some, David Cook was this year's AI winner over the younger Archuletta.

12 million votes went to Cook who took the honor. Cook applauded fellow contestant David Archuletta as he left the stage, then let the waterworks go with Seacrest and his mother standing by. Don't expect Archuletta to disappear after this, he's bound to get a recording contract somewhere with the female fanbase he has. Speculation says Archuletta's father is what cost him the win, because it would make him harder to manage and work with.

American Idol returns in January 2009 for its next season. All contestants joined Cook on stage as he sang "Time of My Life" to close out the show and begin his musical journey.

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