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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jay-Z Venturing into Video Games?

BestLife Magazine, which is a publication from the editors of Men's Health, has a recent article all about the Business Man, Shawn Carter. In the article, Jay's well known ventures are discussed including albums, clothing, sneakers, sports bars, the New Jersey Nets and hotels. Jay-Z nearly 40 years of age talks all about his road to success and how you can follow his steps.

A brief excerpt also discusses Jay-Z's business success is a result of staying true to self:

Staying true to yourself might stand as a succinct summary of Jay-Z's philosophy of success. The notion goes back to Shakespeare's "To thine own self be true," and further back than that to the Greeks. But for Jay-Z, it has an urgently contemporary meaning. Even, or perhaps, especially, in recessionary times, amid the thousands of entertainment and lifestyle choices consumers have available to them, what separates winners from losers is a commitment to a single proposition: You are the product. If people believe in you, they will believe in what you create. Jay-Z understands this and is down with it.

In a quick sentence in the article it's noted "He is relaxing after a typically jam-packed day that included a photo shoot, an interview, and a meeting about his potential involvement in a forthcoming video game." Speculation has already begun about just what this could mean. Is Jay going to be a character in a new game such as one of those Def Jam Vendetta sorts? Will he be producing a game, possibly something like Guitar Hero or Rock Band but for aspiring rap stars? Or will he buy buying up a video game company to add to his thriving portfolio of current businesses and promotions. It's tough to say right now exactly what video game visions Jay might have, but it will likely add yet another successful venture to the already booming brand known as Jay-Z.

Read the full Best Life article, "Not a Businessman, a Business, Man", about Jay-Z.

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