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Monday, November 06, 2006

5 Tracks 4 Your Mind

Old school, diggin' in the crates. I had to pull out these 5 tracks which to me were monumental in hip-hop.

1 - Walk This Way - Run DMC
, An obvious choice, this is the crossover hit featuring Aerosmith that put rap into the general population and had the video rocking MTV. Anyone who overlooks JMJ, Run and D has gotta be crazy.

2 - No Sleep Til Brooklyn - Beastie Boys
, Yes I know, "Fight For Your Right" is the all time party jam, but to me this is the track that really rocked the album. The thumping bass line and when Ad Rock's raucous verse hits, its pure insanity.

3 - Check the Rhime, A Tribe Called Quest
- These guys began the backpacking phase in hip hop. They got me into rap as we know it today. The call back and forth between Pfife and QTip is just classic material, as is the clever verse by tip and the funky horns on the hook.

4 - Road to the Riches, Kool G Rap & DJ Polo
- With a runaway train style piano backing Kool G Rap's fierce rhymes, this one's got me addicted. Kool G Rap, the original gangsta rapper breaks down the whole theory of trying to make it.

5 - You Gots to Chill, EPMD - A good message for all those in hip-hop, all those hatin on hip hop and people in general. The great rapping combo of Parrish Smith and E Sermon trade dope verses over one of the funkiest beats you'll ever hear. Cool out.

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