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Thursday, November 02, 2006

November - Rap is Back!

November will be the big month for rap albums. Here's 3 albums you'll definitely want to own..

1)"Kingdom Come" - Jay-Z

Hov is back, ready to bring what we've all been waiting for..The album based on a Superman comic book series will have Jigga come out of retirement to save the world from the current brand of rap which plagues it.

2)"Hell Hath No Fury" - The Clipse

XXL magazine has awarded this album the highest rating, an XXL. The Clipse have been releasing fire on their latest mixtapes, and with an album full of Pharrell beats and Clipse rhymes, you've got a winning formula.

3)"Doctor's Advocate" - The Game

This is the album the West Coast needs right now. Full of hardcore lyrics and beats (even without Dre), it will play in your ride or stereo like Chronic 2006.

Honorable Mention: "The Blue Carpet Treatment" - Snoop Dogg - You never know what the Doggfather's gonna bring. His last album, despite one of the hottest rap anthems ever, could be considered a flop. His latest track "Vato" with B-Real sounds like the old Snoop we all loved on Doggystyle..stay tuned..

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