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Thursday, December 20, 2007

8 Reviews of The 8 Diagrams

Wu-Tang has finally brought us another group album, "The 8 Diagrams" this time not a mixtape or compilation of B-Sides and unreleased material. There's been a lot of online chatter and critical review of the latest release, some saying RZA's new production style kills the album and that the feud between members Rae & Ghost with their producer hurt things. From hearing the album, you can tell the group wasn't all in together, as Ghostface Killah seemed to have focused more on his latest solo outing "The Big Doe Rehab". From hearing the selections, my early favorites are "Rushing Elephants" and "Unpredictable". Also of note is the track "Life Changes" which is a Wu tribute to the late Ol' Dirty Bastard. This CD isn't anywhere near the first few Wu group and solo albums, but there's definitely some great tracks, creative beats and the Wu-Tang lyrical swordsplay fans have come to value.

Here's 8 online reviews of Wu's The 8 Diagrams:

1) Rap Review

2) Review

3) Chicago Tribune Review

4) Hip Hop DX Review

5) Pitchfork Media Review

6) Nobody Smiling Review

7) Rolling Stone Review

8) First Listen

The general consensus of most of the reviews seems to be Wu is back, but needs more work on their current sounds and techniques. A group therapy session may also be in order to get all the members back into hip-hop harmony.

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