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Monday, January 07, 2008

Will 2008 be the Year of 3000?

Andre Benjamin 3000 Outkast

One of the most interesting guys in hip hop has got to be Andre 3000 from Outkast. You don't always hear his name in the news, but he's done quite a bit. He not only is 1/2 of the legendary rap duo of Outkast, but he's done cartoon, TV and movie acting as well. He's constantly listed on the top fashionable celeb reports when he attends events too. So what will the rapper be up to in the coming year?

According to Vibe magazine's talk with the rapper:

I've been reading a couple of things [scripts]. Can't talk about them though, you know how that is. The clothing company will be out fall/winter 2008 it will be in your stores. Maybe in the following year we'll start talking about our own retail store.

The clothing company Dre is referring to is Benjamin Bixby. Other good news is 3000 has 2 new movie roles coming up, with Battle in Seattle and Semi-Pro (2008). He also has word of a solo album on the way. Dre's definitely one of the most underrated talents in rap today, so be on the lookout for him to breakout even more.

Check out the very interesting Outkast website here.

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