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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Ringtone Revolution Continues...

Ringtones are the rage nowadays. They also seem to spell out who the 1 hit wonders will be in rap. A rapper releases a hot song, it becomes an anthem of that time (for several months) goes into ringtone history, and gets its own platinum plaque. Once the song is played out, the rapper isn't heard from again, the plaque hangs proudly on a wall and people probably delete the ringtone from their history.

I took a look at Jamster because it's one of the more popular ringtone sites. You may have seen their commercials over and over again on MTV or BET telling you what #'s to type in to get which song. Their site seems to offer more than just ringtones though, for example they have games like "Wheel of Fortune" or "Are you Smarter Than a 5th Grader?". They also cater to those looking for cell phone wallpapers and screensavers. The cell phone biz is definitely big these days, and people want to have the coolest customizations.

Back to the ringtone phehomenon. It's probably best to buy those catchy anthems for your cell phone rather than that artist's entire album. You're saving yourself money and the future "why did I buy that entire album?" risk. As a fun game, see if you can predict who will suffer "1 Hit Wonder" status from the Top 10 below:

Top 10 Ringtones from Jamster! Homepage

1) No One - Alicia Keys
2) Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown
3) Apologize - Timbaland (feat. One Republic)
4) Crank That - Soulja Boy Tell Em
5) I'm So Hood - DJ Khaled
6) Duffle Bag Boy - Playaz Circle
7) Pop Bottles - Birdman
8) Bed - J Holiday
9) Shawty is Da (10) - The Dream
10) My Drink n' My 2 Step - Cassidy

To each his own with the ringtones..You can still get the Jibbs Chain Hang Low: Ringtones & Wallpaper!".

Also see: The Rap Ringtone Era and the Shut Up Ringtone craze!

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