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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

10 New Year's Resolutions for Jay-Z

jay z Rapper Jay-Z had a pretty good 2007. He released one of the best rap albums of the year, continued to date the ultra-hot Beyonce Knowles and continued his business endeavors. The most recent news is that Jay has officially left his position with Def Jam, so now he will need to focus his attention elsewhere. So with 2008 approaching, what should Jay focus on? Here's 10 resolutions for the celebrity rapper and businessman to work on in the coming Year.

10) Relax more. First and foremost Jay-Z needs to relax just a bit. He's just left his role as CEO at Def Jam and needs some down time. Between his latest album, flying all over the world, dating a hot R&B singer and his various business deals, he's gotta be just a bit tired. He should start off 2008 by taking a nice trip to a tropical island where he can begin to focus on the coming year clearly.

9) Develop a family friendly restaurant.
While Jay's 40/40 Clubs are great places for upscale parties and get togethers, Jay would do well by creating something for the whole family. Possibly a hip-hop theme Dave N Busters or Chuck E Cheese type establishment. This way the Jay-Z brand branches out even more but in a family friendly way.

8) Pitch more products.
Jay-Z is basically the Michael Jordan of rap, as he has embraced pop culture and weaved hip hop in smoothly with the business world. Jay Z should look to add more endorsement deals in 2008, as it only adds more wealth and more recognition of his name. He's already worked with companies like Budweiser, Heineken and HP, why not add Lexus, Rolex and Ralph Lauren in the coming year?

7) Create a Jay-Z product line.
In keeping with the above theme, Jay-Z should make a logo similar to the "Jumpman23" Michael Jordan has. Jigga needs something recognizable so that he is everywhere you look. In 2008, he could launch this massive campaign and create Jay-Z gear, similar to how Trump and MJ have their own lines of clothing. This would make Jay-Z even more recognized, and more wealthy in the New Year.

6) Attend more New Jersey Nets games. Jay-Z is part owner of the team and they haven't had the best of NBA seasons so far. Perhaps adding more moral support to them by cheering them on at games? He could even start attending their road games if he really wanted to encourage them. While this is no secret for success for the Nets, the support of the rapper is sure to help just a little.

5) Try some acting roles.
It's the move many success stories in hip hop have made. Jay doesn't have much acting on his resume other than music videos, commercials, concerts, and a straight to DVD film here or there. It's time for Jay to flex his acting muscle and see what type of performances he can bring us. I'm sure he wouldn't mind adding an Oscar to his awards at home.

4) Bring more rappers to Roc-a-fella.
Now that Jay is no longer a CEO for Def Jam, he can focus on his original record label, Roc-a-fella records. Jay started this company due to the fact no company would sign him, so it will be great for him to put effort into it again. Now he needs to bring us more great talent, that he can help mold into greatness.

3) Make more music for the masses. Jay-Z had a terrific release this past year with his American Gangster album, inspired by the film of the same name. It was what his comeback album Kingdom Come should have been and probably the best album in rap 2007. Jay needs to resolve to make more great music in 2008, whether it be his own, or guest verses on albums, the hip hop world needs more of him.

2) Engage in more humanitarian efforts. In the past, Jay-Z worked to show us how South Africa and other countries are facing a serious water shortage. He has the star power and wealth to create important movements of change. Jay-Z should take on more of these charitable and philanthropic endeavors in 2008 to continue this trend. Since he has the star power, wealth and fame, he can definitely encourage others to participate in more causes.

1) Marry Beyonce already.
Let's face it, this is the first couple of hip hop right now. The two have been dating forever, with very little gossip about problems in their relationship coming from the media. Jay should definitely resolve this relationship status in 08'. Besides, behind every good rapper is a great R&B diva.

A new year should bring more success for the rapper and hopefully more great music from the Jigga man to his fans. Jay-Z has the ability to keep hip-hop above water and from drowning so here's to a great 2008..

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