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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thoughts on American Idol

I've made it a point to avoid American Idol normally, but caught most of it Tuesday night. The show remains popular as it has the 2 nice judges Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson, and Simon Cowell who cuts everyone down to size. On this particular episode it was guy's night and 60's night. So the songs had to be from the 60's but the guys could put their own twist on them for modern times.

Out of all the performers the one who stood out the most to me was Robbie, a long-haired rocker. When hearing him sing he just sounded most like someone you would hear on the radio these days. And that's really what Idol is all about. Even if he doesn't win it by fan vote, I'd still expect he gets some sort of deal going. Quite a few of the others weren't so notable and in fact some were real quirky, almost as if Sanjaya had been merged with William Hung. There was one 17 year old who had the ladies really screaming for him but he seemed to have a nervous breakdown after his performance. Ryan Seacrest even picked up on it and tried to tease him. There was another guy who did an Elvis song and claimed he was all that, but was really brought back to reality when Simon spoke.

I don't think this episode will have me watching every week, but it gave me an idea of who we may see as the next Daughtry-like musician to emerge from the contestants. Let's just hope that we don't get another Sanjaya like voting spree this season to keep one of the quirkier guys around.

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