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Monday, April 14, 2008

Flavor Flav! Under One Roof

flavor flav under one roof It's the way of the rap star. turned TV star. turned movie star. In the case of William Jonathan Drayton, Jr aka "Flavor Flav", it will be rap sidekick, turned rap star. turned reality TV star, turned-TV-sitcom-star. Flavor Flav will be in a new sitcom called "Under one Roof". The premise has Flav starring as Calvster Hill, an ex-con who moves in with his wealthy brother's family, turning their world upside down. The show co-stars Kelly Perine.

The MyNetwork TV synopsis goes to explain the antics included on the show, as Calvster parades his old prison cronies through the new upscale house, teaches his nephew to be a gangsta rapper, and butts heads with the snooty wife of the family.

Of course the quick obvious comparisons will come between this new show and "Fresh Prince of Bel Air". The premise there was Will Smith (not an ex-con) moved from the ghetto of Philly to the rich, upscale Beverly Hills area of California with his rich relatives, the Banks family. It will be tough for Flav to top Will's sitcom which still airs in reruns and is one of the funniest shows of its time and now. It also launched Will Smith's career beyond just rapping, as he propelled into movie roles like Independence Day, Men in Black and Pursuit of Happyness.

Flavor Flav is best known as Chuck D's sidekick from the rap pioneers Public Enemy, where he was showcased on 911 is a Joke and famous for yelling "Yea Boy!". He also may be better off and funnier starring in reality shows than he is on a scripted sitcom. It's his bizarre off the cusp outbursts of "Flavor Flav!" that have become his trademark. On this show he won't be doing so much improv and will be subject to what the writes have come up with. He's previously been on several reality TV shows all on VH1, such as Surreal Life, Strange Love and Flavor of Love. He's also made cameos on My Wife and Kids, and the Bernie Mac Show, but now heads into a starring role. The oversized clock-wearing Flav recently celebrated his 49th birthday on the set of the new TV show. If you're a longtime fan of Public Enemy, that's gotta make you feel old...

"Under One Roof" makes its TV debut on this Wednesday, April 16 on MyNetwork TV at 8PM EST.

More info on Under One Roof at myNetworkTV.

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