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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Independent Article on Jay-Z's Hustle

The Independent of UK has a great write up about S. Carter, aka Jay-Z, who will be headlining an upcoming show in Glastonbury. Jay also just inked a 150 million dollar deal with Live Nation, which now will fund Jay's concerts and give him $10 million each for 3 future studio albums. The article takes a look at Jay's rise to fame including his rap connections in High School, his move into the world of drug deals and hustling, and his current business dealings. The emphasis of the article is Jay's appeal to the mainstream, including those who don't understand hip hop so much.

An excerpt from The Independent:

The sum of $150m is more substantial than the price tag the promoter placed on Madonna ($120m) or U2 (a rumoured $100m-plus), and will see Live Nation funding not only Jay-Z's live performances, but also his next three albums to the tune of $10m each. The company will even pump $25m into his other business ventures, including clothing lines and a talent-spotting agency.

According to reports, Jay-Z also took time off last weekend to marry Beyoncé Knowles. Yet somehow even a relationship conducted under the noses of the hungry US tabloids has failed to dent his critical standing. After more than a decade of remarkable commercial success, Jay-Z remains beloved of hardcore hip-hop fans and mere hobbyists alike.

"He's the greatest rapper alive," says Trevor Nelson, the hip-hop DJ and presenter. "The most credible rappers, like Common, never tend to be multi-platinum artists. The most commercial rappers, like 50 Cent, never get into the hall of fame for their skills. But Jay-Z has both, and that's what makes him great."

The article goes on to discuss Jay's upbringing, the death of 2Pac and BIG, Jay's rivalry with Nas and his thoughts about headling in Glastonbury.

Check out the full article Jay-Z The Hustler at The Independent.

There's also been recent reports about singer Rihanna's reaction to the Jay-Z & Beyonce "secret wedding ceremony". Read more about Rihanna's reaction here.

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