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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Tragedy Strikes Hudson Family

Just days ago, unfortunate news hit the music world regarding Jennifer Hudson's family. Hudson's mother and brother were both found dead in their home in Chicago's South Side. Autopsies later revealed that both died due to multiple gunshot wounds. In addition to the horrific crime, Hudson's nephew, Julian King - age 7, is still missing.

Another of Jennifer's sisters, Julia Hudson also lived at the address where the horrible crimes occurred but was not present at the time. The Times Online reported that during a recent press conference Julia pleaded for the return of the boy:

“Give me my baby back,” she said. “That's all I ask. I know he's out there. Put him on the side of the street. Just let him go. I have to believe he is okay.”

An initial suspect was William Balfour, the estranged husband of Julia Hudson — and step-father of Julian King. He is currently on probation after his 2006 release from the Illinois Dept. of Corrections. His previous convictions include attempted murder, vehicular hijacking, and possession of a stolen motor vehicle. His mother Michele Balfour has maintained that it's not possible her son would do this to Julia Hudson, because he loved her and her mother.

Police issued an Amber Alert this past Friday, and have requested the help of the FBI, in case the child was taken across state lines. It's a perplexing, tragic and horrifying case for Hudson's family. The former American Idol star and Oscar winning actress had to come home to unfortunate circumstances. Hudson had to rush from Florida to Chicago to identify her two deceased family members. She is currently promoting a new film, The Secret Life of Bees.

Jennifer Hudson's Myspace blog reveals the following message from the Hudson family thanking the many people for their support despite this tragic situation:

Thank you all for your prayers and your calls. Please keep praying for our family and that we get Julian King back home safely. If anyone has any information about his whereabouts please contact the authorities immediately. Here is a picture of Julian and what he was last seen wearing. Once again thank you all for being there for us through this tough time.

The Hudson Family

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