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Monday, September 29, 2008

Jay-Z's 3rd Blueprint Coming Soon..

Today the rumor mill has started with news that Jay-Z is likely to release his third installment in the Blueprint album series by the end of the year. Early word says Kanye West is at the helm for most of the album, but no official tracklist has emerged just yet.


It looks like Jay-Z will be releasing his new album 'The Blueprint 3' before 2008 ends, as a release date has now appeared online.

December 2nd is the date U.S. fans will be keen to hear - although it's likely the album will drop a day earlier in the UK (December 1st).

Song titles and a tracklisting still haven't been confirmed, but Kanye West has produced most of the record and of course, it will include the track 'Jockin' Jay-Z' - as heard in August.

Jay-Z's comeback album "Kingdom Come" was considered a flop by some, and a slight experimental success by others. Jay followed that up with "American Gangster" which put him back into the spotlight as one of the, if not "the" greatest rapper on the face of the planet.

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