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Monday, December 08, 2008

Common's Universal Mind Control Album

Universal Mind Control UMC Common album cover

Universal Mind Control by Common

Prepare to have your mind universally controlled by fresh new rap music. Rap star Common is back with a brand new album and the rapper always seems to breathe new life into the rap game. He started way back as Common Sense with "Can I Borrow a Dollar?" featuring a unique style of out the Chi-town. Common's latest album entitled Universal Mind Control drops Tuesday December 9th, chock full of 10 new tracks by one of the top lyricists around today.

Track listing:

1. Universal Mind Control (UMC)
2. Punch Drunk Love
3. Make My Day
4. Sex 4 Suga
5. Announcement
6. Gladiator
7. Changes
8. Inhale
9. What A World
10. Everywhere

You have to wonder if Common's foray into Hollywood acting is having a slight effect on his selection of material for albums. After listening to previews of the new tracks, it's a different sound for Common, maybe even more mellow than his last two albums and perhaps more full of romantic excursions than ever before. His last two albums Finding Forever and Be were well-received and near hip-hop classics. This time around Common doesn't have as much help from fellow Chicago rapper/producer Kanye West.

Dont dismiss the album just yet, because a Common album on its worst day can outdo some of today's watered-down rap acts on their best days. Common still delivers lyrically and there's plenty to offer on the album for his fans. The Gladiator (Gladiator lyrics) and UMC are perhaps the two hardest tracks on the album. Changes offers an inspiring dedication to Obama running for president and how it can change our nation. Universal Mind Control is definitely sounding like another great album from Common, but will not surpass his previous two efforts.

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