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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Rap Music Lyrics - Brooklyn (Go Hard) by Jay-Z

Brooklyn Go Hard by Jay-Z (featuring Santogold) Lyrics

Shawn Carter's new but unreleased track Brooklyn Go Hard features some hard to distinguish lyrics rapped by Jay-Z from the start. It's a clever, powerful and hardcore song reppin' Brooklyn once again from Hip-Hop's greatest. The track is produced by Kanye West, and features Santogold singing throughout. Rap fans are already speculating how many other rappers will bring forth tracks reppin' their own area codes. Here's the lyrics for Brooklyn Go Hard which is scheduled to be on either the upcoming Notorious soundtrack or Blueprint 3 album.

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Brooklyn Go Hard Lyrics
by Jay-Z feat. Santogold

Verse 1 (Jay-Z):
This is black hoodie rap,
There's no fear in my eyes where they're lookin at.
betta look a map
be-sides me not like ta eye fight
me not tink such a ting is worth a man's life,
but if a man tests my stye,
I promise he won't like my reply
boom bye bye, like Buju I'm crucial
I'm a Brooklyn boy, I may take some gettin' used to
change snatchin, ain't have it, gotta get it
same s--t from Brownsville to great british
fatherless child, mama pulled double shifts
so the number runners was the only one to hang widdeth
before u know it, im in the game bang fiddeth
feel no orangatangs peel they old kid-aps
like a ranger is, im dangerous
tell me what the name of this s--t is

Brooklyn we go hard, go hard (repeated in background)
L-Y-N come again!
Repeat twice

Verse 2 (Jay-Z):
I father, I Brooklyn Dodger them
I Jack- I Rob- I sin,
Ah man, I'm Jackie Rob-in-son
cept when I run base, I dodge the pen
Lucky me, Luckily they didn't get me
Now when I bring the Nets I'm the black Brans Ricky
From Brooklyn corners, burnin corners of -----
Spread love, Biggie, Brooklyn hippie
I pity the fool with jewels like Mr. T,
with no histor-y, in my burough, they borrow
With no intentions of returning to-morrow
The Sun don't come out for many, like Annie
half orphan, mama never had an abortion
papa sorta did, still I managed to live
I go hard, I owe it all to the crib
now please tell me what the f--'s harder than this?

Brooklyn we go hard, go hard (repeated in background)
L-Y-N Come again!

Verse 3 (Santogold):
Well Im doin my time due to circumstance
Crossed that bridge, face the consequence
Once bid 10, now I payed my dues
Risk takers we break the rules.
Gets so dark, but I see good.
Bedstuy stay high in my neckuva the woods.
Now let it rain now, it's a warning-
(Brooklyn) let it be sworn in
Gotta make you think workin like we color
rip it to the core, underneath it all we harder
right until we quit, bring it to the floor
One step, one step, give it up more
the road is tough and the streets is messed
got big cash dreams and a sick death wish
robbin out the commercial stash
Killer voice screamin in my head

Brooklyn we go hard, go hard (repeated in background)
L-Y-N Come again!

Notice errors in the lyrics? For corrections to these lyrics, leave comments below...

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