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Monday, November 24, 2008

Skateboard P's Workout Plan

The man who reduced Madonna to tears while helping her reinvent her sound stays fit while many other produces seem to gain pound after pound. A recent interview was done with rapper/producer Pharrell Williams at Guardian UK. In the interview, Pharrell discusses his new found love of F1 Racing, how music and sports relate, which sport has influenced him most (hint hint nickname), and how he stays in shape.

Here's a brief excerpt from Pharrell's interview:

There's a ridiculous amount of energy on stage and, since we're touring right now, that's my work-out. Otherwise, I just try to stay off the Pop Tarts, the Mentos and the Gummy Bears. Shay [N.E.R.D's drummer] tries to get me on the bike for 40 minutes a day, but it never works. Anyway, I see him sneaking off to McDonald's, so I can't take it seriously.

P goes on to discuss meeting an F1 racing star and becoming good friends, making F1 his most watched sport these days. The frontman for N.E.R.D. always stays active and despite all the Ice Cream, has maintained his slim rapper figure.

Read Guardian UK's full interview piece here.

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