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Friday, January 23, 2009

50's Love Lockdown for Kanye

kanye west at 2009 youth inauguration ball

In a recent performance in Albany, New York, rapper 50 Cent took his beef with Kanye West to a whole notha level. 50 told the crowd to hold up their cell phones if they could record, because they'd want to record this "exclusive performance". From there, the drum beat/bassline from Kanye West's "Love Lockdown" came on and 50 entered into a rhythmic dance routine as he lip synched to the song. Finally the song was cut off and 50 joked "Y'all asleep?" Newsday blog reports that Kanye didn't have any response to the latest jab, and the beef seemed to be settled back in 2007 when Kanye's "Graduation" sales easily beat sales of 50's "Curtis" album.

Meanwhile, Kanye West had the honor of performing at the Youth Inauguration Ball Tuesday night in honor of new President, Barack H. Obama. West was part of MTV's live show and his performance included a montage of various hits such as "Touch the Sky", his verse from Estelle's "American Boy", a verse from the smash hit "Stronger" and "Good Life". West also performed a changed-up version of "Heartless" which payed tribute to the civil rights struggle and the new President Obama.

West had the following to say as he closed out his set on stage:

"It feels so good to be standing here ... My mom would be so proud right now, to see her baby boy performing the #1 song in the country for our new African-American president," he said during an instrumental break in "Heartless," the latest single from his 808s & Heartbreak album. "Being that she got arrested for being involved in the sit-ins at age 6, and my grandfather drove the first car in the marches out of Oklahoma, to see this day ..."

More about Kanye's performance at the Inauguration Ball at

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