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Friday, January 02, 2009

Horror Movies Revisited 2009

(Odette Yustman stars in "The Unborn")

It seems there's no original ideas left in Hollywood, because once Horror movies start getting remade, that means they're at the bottom of the barrel. For years horror is what has been innovative and the most original in movie concepts. We've had Freddy in all sorts of cool nightmare scenarios, Jason going to hell, Jason & Freddy facing off, and the Alien taking on the Predator. Maybe those battle-style flicks are the way to go. How bout Leprechaun vs. Chucky? Ok, maybe not.

There's remakes in the works for both Freddy and Jason, with their original movies being recreated. The end results will surely be interesting, and it's unknown how longtime fans of these two villains will welcome their new makeovers. It seems strange because you'd expect them to just add another sequel to the 15 or so Freddy or Jason movies. Now instead they get remade just like superheros such as Superman & The Dark Knight. But it's not like we couldn't see this coming. Godzilla got a makeover, as did King Kong not long ago by Peter Jackson.

One new movie of interest is "The Unborn" directed by David Goyer. The flick which arrives January 9th stars the ultra-sexy Odette Yustman in what looks like a movie similar to "Omen" meets "The Exorcist" & The Grudge. The plot synopsis says it's about a young woman fighting off the spirit trying to take her over. The spirit is in the form of her unborn twin brother who has somehow aged into a boy. The previews reveal more similarities to The Grudge. Creepy little boy (Damien/Grudge boy) with odd skin complexion and dark house full of weird stuff, it's all in place. It's also got Gary Oldman playing a rabbi, but not sure if that's some sort of ode to Exorcist. Luckily Miss Yustman will make the movie a lot more entertaining as will hip-hop honey Meagan Good. A PG-13 rating will bring in plenty of moviegoers during its debut.

And don't forget the latest gimmick which will definitely score big at the Box office on January 16th and beyond. "My Bloody Valentine 3D" features a sinister serial killer wearing a gas mask and using a pick axe to hunt down victims in a mining town. Yep it's a remake, but they added the extra incentive of 3-D to draw audiences to the movie. It's sure to work as Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D did reasonably well despite a bad movie. Expect more 3-D films to roll in once this one proves the formula works no matter what the plot or level of acting.

See a preview trailer for The Unborn at YouTube.

See a preview trailer for My Bloody Valentine 3D at YouTube.

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