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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Roc Star Takes Time, Lil' Wayne Gonna Rock

Recent news has come up about Jay-Z's last release on the Def Jam label, "The Blueprint 3". According to news sources, Jigga plans to take his time on this release as he wants it on the same level of the scorching track, "Swagga Like Us". Swagga featured Jay on the track along with T.I., Lil' Wayne and the man who will be behind most of Blueprint 3, Kanye West. West originally told reporters that they layed down a bunch of tracks, but Jay wanted to go back in and do some more at a later date. This could make for another hip hop classic from Hov, with no current release date scheduled, but plans for an album in the first or second quarter of 09'.

Jay-Z Works on New Album Blueprint 3

In another story, Jay's fellow guest rapper on Swagga, Lil' Wayne is looking to release a rock album. His next album, entitled "Rebirth" is scheduled for an April 7th release date. Lil' Wayne's official Myspace page has details for the release of the first single from the Rebirth album. Wayne will perform "Prom Queen" live Tuesday January 27th in San Diego, California at about 9:30 PM EST. You can catch the performance along with the world premiere of the song at Facebook Freeforall. Immediately following that performance, the studio version of the song will be released online. According to the song has already found its way online and to the radio waves, and is definitely all rock with a singing Wayne aided by Autotune. Check hiphopmusicdotcom if you can't wait for the live performance. The rapper who's ready to rock is also scheduled to perform live February 8th for the 51st Annual Grammy Awards show.

Visit Lil' Wayne's Myspace page or Facebook Freeforall with AT&T for more details on the performance Tuesday, January 27th, 2009.

More about Lil' Wayne's Prom Queen song at

Lil Wayne's Rock LP, Rebirth, Due April 7 -

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