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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Mariah Carey's Diva Demands

Despite the lagging economy where many Americans are unemployed and trying to make ends meet, pop R&B singer Mariah Carey is pushing the term "diva" to new limits. A recent report on Fox News discussed some of the spoiled diva demands Mariah made while on tour which included:

1) having a separate room for her wardrobe
2) having a separate chaffeur driven Mercedes for her dog
3) having the room stocked with white wine, olives and almonds
4) having her room decorated in a Hello Kitty theme
5) making sure the room is all white and kept at a certain temp.
6) an assistant to monitor her cleavage through the night
7) someone to tell her how beautiful she looks

No these are not jokes, Mariah really asks for these things and reportedly has a 15-person entourage which accompanies her on tours. It'd be hard to believe that Diana Ross had this sort of list while on any tour, but leave it to Mariah to stretch the limits of what a diva can demand, and can actually get away with!

Check out more of Mariah's outrageous demands over at!

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