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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tupac Shakur Alive - TMZ Sighting?

Is Tupac Shakur alive? TMZ wants you to believe there was a recent Tupac sighting. The Online entertainment and celebrity gossip media site,, recently ran a story claiming they have photos of Tupac Shakur, alive and kicking it. The "evidence" comes from a photo gallery called "Tupac Lives" seen here. In the photos, a man who closely resembles Tupac (from the side) is shown in a bar/club wearing a white long sleeve shirt and enjoying drinks with other patrons. He's got the facial hair, the nose ring and the serious Pac look going on. Since the photos are all from the side view, there's a considerable resemblance but not enough to fully call the man much more than a really good Tupac look-alike. Maybe even a good casting call for a new movie about the life of Shakur (similar to "Notorious").

2Pac was reported murdered 13 years ago, but many fans, and of course the celebrity gossip site want to believe he's still alive, similar to the Elvis Presley sightings many people claim each year. TMZ is notorious for catching celebrities, both real and fake in compromising, humiliating and other public situations, sometimes resulting in dramatic consequences. While it would be nice to see Tupac alive again, as of now Tupac's autopsy still says he's DOA.

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