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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Real World Shauvon Sparks RWRR Duel?

real world shauvon torres sydney australia
(Real World babe Shauvon Torres)

Leave it to the good folks at MTV to put together an ensemble cast for their latest celeb-reality game show "Real World Road Rules The Duel II". The show which features daily/weekly challenges set in New Zealand includes a cast of characters ready to get rowdy and raucous. Let the games begin.... Included of course is the hot-headed nuclear bomb from Massachusetts known as CT (real name: Chris Tamburello) who first appeared on Real World Paris. He's been on many of these reality game shows in the past but seems to end up punching someone in the first few episodes which leads to him quickly being disqualified. On the premiere episode of "Real World Road Rules: The Duel II" Wednesday night, the controversy all started over busty blond, Shauvon Torres, who is from Real World's Sydney, Australia cast. Apparently, CT had Real World Shauvon naked (or close to it) and the two engaged in some sort of romp together which created loud moaning sound effects for the other girls to overhear. One thing led to another and it was rumored that Real World Shauvon had sex with Real World CT. Tsk, Tsk.

Add in the fact that there was a birthday costume party celebration going on with the alcohol flowing, and the good times ensued. After the sexcapade between CT and Shauvon, cast members got to gossiping, wth CT's ex-girlfriend Diem out of the loop. Eventually she got word of things from that loyal friend, Katie, and Diem went to confront CT over his alleged hookup. From there CT was his usual charming self telling Diem their relationship was meaningless to him right now and her feelings mattered little. Despite that, CT decided to leave their chat and go hunt down Adam. Coincidentally, he'd seen Adam and Diem talking earlier and felt Adam snitched on him for the hookup that never happened. Tale of the tape: CT 240 lbs vs. Adam 155 lbs. Adam ended up on the received end of a CT punch that would have probably broken many people's faces in half. Adam got in a sucker punch during the melee. CT busted through a door, other drunken cast members scrambled to hold the two back. In the aftermath, CT & Adam were booted for their physical confrontation. Diem was shown in video interviews crying as if she could control the monster named CT who becomes an angry, rage-driven Hulk character when he snaps. You have to question Diem for going back to CT repeatedly as if he's a sweetheart when there's plenty of evidence on the MTV tapes to the contrary.

During the RWRR: Duel II After Show party, CT mentioned that he had a lot on his mind that all exploded in him at once causing him to lash out. He revealed he had recently lost his brother who was shot while in a fight, and had that on his mind along with the break up between he and Diem. Apparently CT was unhappy when Diem told him her career came first, he took exception and was hurt. Diem and CT both claimed they've moved on yet shared some heated words on stage. Adam was unable to put the feud he and CT have to rest since he was on the losing end of the fight.

Drama is always a key ingredient for these volatile MTV reality shows, and you can either thank or berate the people who cast for these Real World shows. They've seen CT get physical and angry before with other cast members, resulting in his kickoff from the show. At one point he shouted to fellow castmates "I wanna smash his head and eat it". Lessons learned: If CT beats someone down once, shame on CT. If CT comes back again and again to beat others down, shame on MTV.

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