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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pants on the Ground original video

general larry platt american idol
(Larry Platt, latest star from the ATL)

By now you've probably either witnessed this past week's American Idol auditions, or heard the buzz via the net or elsewhere. General Larry Platt has a smash hit on his hands with "Pants on the Ground" a clever little tune he performed for the AI judges in Atlanta. The song basically tells those people lookin' like fools to get their pants off the ground. It's catchy and you'll find yourself repeating the lines over and over again, thanks to the personality that General Larry Platt gave it.

You'll find the original Pants on the ground video below, but there's been plenty of remixes and alternate versions done already. There's a version with the "Run this Town" beat, "U Can't Deny it" beat, and it's been covered by singer/songwriter Neil Young, on his appearance on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Show. It'll be surprising if Larry Platt doesn't get a record deal and at least a top notch collaboration with a rap star out of this audition he did (T.I., Big Boi, 3000 take note)!

So remember "get em up! Stop lookin' like a fool with ya pants on the ground!" You've been warned by General Larry Platt. See more Celebrity News & Gossip here.

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