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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Snoop Dogg gets Raw with WWE

Rap star Snoop Dogg was the guest celebrity host for World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) Raw show this past Monday Night. He rolled out to the arena in a pink cadillac complete with several hip hop honey divas with him (Eve Torres & The Bella Twins of WWE's Divas). From there, Snoop kicked off the party to his new single "Gangsta Luv", but said the show would be "all business".

Snoop name dropped his upcoming solo album "Malice in Wonderland" several times during the show, and also had a funny bit involving the use of scented candles to make it look like he had been smoking backstage. His big hit of the night wasn't the Chronic or performing a song from his new album though. Instead, Snoop came to the aid of WWE's midget wrestler named Hornswoggle in the ring. Snoop got in the face of Chavo Guerrero and after being pushed too many times, the Doggfather retaliated with some wrestling moves of his own. Check it out on the YouTube video clip here:

Snoop, a self-admitted WWE fanatic, previously was a part of Wrestlemania a few years ago with an in-ring encounter. He is the first rap star to host the WWE Raw Monday night show. Other celebrity hosts have included Seth Green, Reverend Al Sharpton, Bob Barker, Cedric the Entertainer and Ben Roethlisberger (QB of the Pittsburgh Steelers).

Download Gangsta Luv MP3 (Explicit)

Get Snoop's latest - Death Row - The Lost Sessions Vol. 1

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