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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hip-Hop President?

Since today is election/voting day, I decided to toss around the idea of Hip-Hop having its own president. Here are the 4 nominations and arguments:

1- Jay-Z
Hip-hop's top dog right now. He has the street smarts, business savvy and is able to transcend many cultural barriers now. Has become a great pitchman for several products and runs his own companies. Although some view him as forgetting where he came from, he appears to have good leadership and ambassador qualities. The con would be that he seems to put himself before those he is promoting for his label, so he might put himself ahead of the people. First lady Beyonce would be a treat though.

2-Chuck D
Hip-hop's original intelligent rapper from Public Enemy. He kicked strong intelligent messages for the nation to chew on and seems to have a good awareness of important issues that need to be addressed. He's mature and intelligent. On the flip side, he might put Flav as VP and that could be dangerous to our nation.

Another intelligent-minded elder statesmen of hip-hop. KRS has always dropped knowledge on us. He would have the backing of many current and past hip hop artists. Jay-Z even nominated him to be in charge of the "hip hop board to approve moves"(such as artists making dis tracks). The flip side is KRS' musical style has moved away from what it was once so he might not be as suited to lead today.

4-Ice Cube

A tough choice. He definitely has matured alot from his earlier days, and is now Hollywood like Arnold. He would be tough on national defense. He defended our country in XXX State of the Union. The problem is he recorded a track like "I Wanna Kill Sam" and other messages against the country.

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