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Monday, February 12, 2007

The Latest White Rapper News

White rappers continue to be eliminated. On the last show 2 forerunners for the top spot were both thrown off the show in "dramatic" fashion by MC Serch Trump. Trump likes to yell "Step off" once its their time to go, then takes their customized Converse sneakers and tosses them up on a wire to hang for all to see. I understand Serch's relevance in rap, he was part of 3rd Bass one of the first white rap groups after Beastie Boys, and a group who wasn't afraid to go at Hammer and Vanilla Ice back in the day. Also one of the first rap cd's I bought, but overall Serch is not the authority on hip hop. He does know more than these kids and has earned respect for his contributions to rap music (and finding Nas).

On the last show, the contestants had to compete in a fashion show (for dogs). They were given a budget to pick out their own outfits then showed up to find out they had to parade various dogs on stage with props. Persia, the Brooklyn queen, won again, as Serch loved her dog and her matching pink pumps. The next contest featured the white rappers breaking into 2 teams of 3 and having to record a song on a beat they selected. After that, they had to make a video to go with it. Contestants were allowed to choose from various props. Persia's team, since she won the fashion show, was given a special "prop". MC Serch rolled out a large covered cage which kept shaking. Inside was none other than Bushwick Bill, the midget animal/rapper from Geto Boys. Bushwick contributed a verse to Persia's team's song and was part of their video, which of course won.

In the elimination, Serch made the 3 losers write raps blaming their teammates for why they lost (more Trump style drama). 2 of the rappers decided to flip the script and blame themselves or rap about how they just can't snitch. Serch wasn't having this. One rapper, Sullee, from Boston bowed out on his own and said he just didn't want a part of this anymore. Serch then eliminated the other guy, John Boy for trying to blame himself and hot his teammates. Somehow Serch tried to be philosophical about snitching and about how nobody flips around his challenges. Somehow it just seems like an excuse to dis someone. Either way, I thought these 2 guys had some of the better styles and verses I heard on the show, and maybe leaving early was their best plan, because they got the pub and can now get serious about what they want to do.

It's down to Persia (a large woman from Brooklyn) who acts like Queen Latifah/Foxy Brown and like nobody else understands rap aside from her. There's a politcal rapper who raps about helping eliminate the white racism/white power that exists. There's John Brown who has his "Ghetto Revival" movement about bringing back the ghetto (not sure about this concept). And finally there is "Shamrock", a Paul Wall knockoff with gold fronts who's from the dirty south. I suspect Persia or John Brown will win this, but never know what MC Donald Serch will pull next..

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