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Monday, February 12, 2007

Luda Wins a Grammy; Common Quips at Kanye

Congratulations to Ludacris on winning a Grammy for Best Rap Album for his 2006 album "Release Therapy". While not my favorite rap album of 2006 by far, Ludacris puts in work and deserves an award. I believe both Lupe Fiasco & The Roots put out better albums overall in 2006, but like a friend reminded me the judges look at more commercial offerings first. Then why nominate the others? TI was also commercial and I put his album a slight notch ahead of Luda, in terms of what I was feelin in 06'.

On the flipside it was great seeing Common & Kanye present the award. Kanye remarked to Common that even though he told Common he voted for him to win the Grammy last year for the smash album "Be", Kanye really voted for himself. Common quipped back, "thats good because we're all tired of you whining about not winning". Great writing, either Kanye thought that up, or there's some ballsy writers who got to him.

Overall the Grammy's show was disappointing to me. Best album in my mind was "St Elsewhere" by Gnarls Barkley (Im no fan of the Dixie Chicks), and possibly Justin Timberlake's as well. Speaking of Timberlake, did anyone else find his performance on stage with a camcorder in hand a little strange? I understand stylish and cutting edge, but making a Blair Witch project documentary on stage is a bit off..anyhow, congrats to all the winners and look forward to 2008 when most likely Kanye and Common will be vying for Grammy's, maybe even for album of the year..

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