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Friday, March 09, 2007

And the Winner Is..

Shamrock, hailing from the ATL takes the 1st ever "White Rapper Show" crown. Shamrock complete with gold fronts scooped up a check for $100 G's as well as the notoriety and respect attached with being the best of the best white rappers, selected by host, MC Serch.

On the final episode/contest of the series, Shamrock went head to head with runner-up, John Brown, the King of the Burbs. In their final performance, the 2 went deep into the underground club "Hell", where RA the Rugged Man was performing, dressed as the devil. John Brown and Shamrock had to take the stage before the club audience, and each perform a hot 16 bar verse followed by an original song they each wrote and recorded. Shamrock won over the crowd and judges with more of a club-style song than John Brown had brought to the table. Serch did comment that John Brown's song was different and deeper but that that the crowd couldn't really chant it or relate to it in a club environment. Shamrock performed "Fly Away" for his original song and John Brown brought "Car Wars".

While John Brown did appear more original, the judges realize it takes alot more to get yourself into the rap game these days. A stage presence, confidence in your abilities, and the ability to get the crowd into your music. While Shamrock might not be the next Eminem or even Paul Wall, he's at least 100 G's richer for the moment...

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