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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oops! Beyonce Falls on Stage...

beyonce falls on stage oops
(Bootylicious Beyonce takes a tumble on stage)

Sometimes the booty does things that just can't be explained, including taking people in directions they didn't really intend. I'm not talking about porn or Playboy, but the direction of downwards. The picture above isn't of Beyonce breakdancing at her concert, it's in fact her falling onto her head off some stairs on stage. The major Oops happened to Miss Beyonce Knowles during her July 24, 2007 Orlando concert performance. While performing her song "Ring the Alarm" wearing a red dress, the sultry singer tripped and fell down some stairs that were on stage. But unlike some divas, Beyonce's a Survivor. She collected herself and got right back up and kept on going with the performance.

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