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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Formula 50 for Success

You have to hand it to rap artists because they are some of the smartest business minds around. They take their rap career and not only use it for making and selling music, but they branch out into other business ventures and opportunities.

A great example is 50 Cent. Vitamin water by one of the rap genre's biggest names. "Formula 50" is the drink inspired by the rapper. Basically taking his name and transferring it into a brand.

BevNET Review:
formula 50 is a strange concept for a beverage. The grape-flavored drink's label reads, "inspired by today's most talked about artist, hottest record producer, and soon-to-be movie star, this not-so-hypnotic tonic contains (hint, hint) 50 percent of many of the important vitamins that you need every day." Now you won't likely find this rapper "in da club" drinking formula 50, but we have to hand it to Glaceau, this is a great tasting drink. The grape flavor is natural and not too-sweet. The concept is creative to say the least. Overall, it is a cool, tasty drink.

Even more impressive is the fact that Glaceau Vitamin Water was bought by Coca-Cola for a hefty sum. Estimates say 50 Cent may be making around $400 million off the deal and that he owns a 10% stake in the product. Reviews from several sites indicate this particular flavor, "Formula 50" is also one of the tastiest offerings from the line of Vitamin water. 50 Cent has also recorded a short promotional rap song for the product as well, using a sampled line from his track "I Get Money".

Lesson learned: If you become famous, make your name into a brand and continue to branch out. The more diversified your portfolio, the more you have to fall back on should the rap career begin to fade.

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