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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Kanye Doesn't Want 50 to Retire

Kanye West made an appearance on "The Jimmy Kimmel Show" on ABC Thursday night. The rapper discusses his album war with 50 Cent saying he never said he wanted 50 to retire, but realizes his new album "Graduation" is killing it. Kanye explained that his music comes from pain, the "ups and downs" and God sent him to make music to help others.

According to

"Un-weighted sales from eight leading accounts through close of business yesterday (Sept. 13) show West's "Graduation" (Def Jam) increasing its lead over 50's "Curtis" (G-Unit/Interscope). The former now leads by 170,000 copies, compared to its margin of 127,000 on first-day sales.

West's newest posts 600,000 on the Friday chart, compared to 437,000 on the Wednesday Building Chart, which posted sales through Tuesday. The report also shows 50 Cent's set growing from 310,000 on the Wednesday chart to 430,000, while Kenny Chesney's "Just Who I Am: Poets and Pirates" more than doubles from 107,000 to 232,000."

The proof is in the sales numbers so far. Will 50 have the sales power to catch up? It may be doubtful if Kanye continues to release smash hits off his album. Mr. West also discussed how he is upset with MTV and feels betrayed. Kanye went on to rock the house of the Kimmel show, performing "Stronger" and then closing the show with "The Good Life" his current single featuring T-Pain. The two rappers made an appearance on BET's 106th and Park on Tuesday, the day of their release. See more here.

50 also retracted his statement that he would retire on September 13. On New York's Hot 97 radio station, 50 said if West outsells him he would instead go round for round, matching G-Unit releases with Def Jam's. Next thing you know, people in the media and bloggers will be saying bad things about 50, just like Britney, inspiring the "leave Britney alone guy t" to release a You Tube "leave 50 alone" video.

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