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Monday, August 20, 2007

Kanye to Graduate, 50 to Retire?

Kanye West is set to start putting 50 Cent out of retirement as of September 11th, 2007. That's the promise 50 has made to the world should Mr. West outsell his latest record.

Kanye's Graduation is pictured above. Here's the current tracklist from iTunes:

1. Good Morning
2. Homecoming (featuring Chris Martin of Coldplay)
3. Stronger
4. Champion
5, Good Life (feat. T-Pain)
6. I Wonder
7. Even More Broke Phi Broke (Skit)
8. Can't Tell Me Nothing
9. Drunk and Hot Girls (feat. Mos Def)
10. Evrything I Am (feat. DJ Premier)
11. Good Night (feat. Mos Def and Al Be)
12. Big Brother
13. Graduation (Skit)
14. The Glory
15. Bitersweet Poetry (feat. John Mayer) (Pre-Order only)

There's also the song "Barry Bonds" which was recently leaked and features Lil' Wayne and has a gritty old school style beat. Some love it and some hate it. That song should be inserted somewhere into the list above. There's a recent Kanye listening party review, where the reviewer indicated that 50 should start to clean out his office soon because Kanye's next release will be on fire. It's also been said Kanye's upcoming single "Good Life" featuring T-Pain will be the jam of the summer (which is about over).

There's a 5 minute or so YouTube video here of Kanye West at a Radio station where he discusses the new album. Kanye previews parts of two tracks from the upcoming album, "Big Brother" which is about Jay-Z and another track "Champion" which features a reggae style chorus.

Kanye's Graduation drops September 11th as does 50 Cent's Curtis.

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