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Friday, January 18, 2008

Star Wars Rap Videos

Star Wars Rap

Star Wars Rap

If you've seen the Star Wars movies (some people haven't) and are a huge fan, you'll want to check out these Star Wars gangsta rap videos. They incorporate explicit Star Wars rap lyrics over hot beats and use dubbed footage from the various movies. Everyone from Darth to Luke to Lando to Han Solo, Jar Jar and Yoda have cameo raps in this. Yoda and Luke actually do a bit of breakdancing as well. Not sure when the full length album will be coming out for these, but definitely hilarious stuff!

star wars rap jar jar

New Star Wars Gangsta Rap video on YouTube!

and another one... star wars gangsta rap You Tube video

Looking around YouTube you'll probably see many more of these videos as it seems many others have tried to immitate...Knock em out da box Luke, knock em out!

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