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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Jay-Z Sued in Slavery Lawsuit?

On Jay-Z's American Gangster album, he and rapper Nas speak of Success. Success is great, but with success comes responsibility, and lawsuits. With Jay's American Gangster album finally hitting platinum plaque status after 17 weeks on the charts, Jay is also implicated in a lawsuit. The legal tussle accuses Jay-Z and developer Bruce Ratner of "working in concert" with Barclays Bank and "profit[ing] from the African slave trade. The suit is for approximately 5 billion dollars from Clive Campbell, who is seeking reparations for slavery.

According to

Ratner is in charge of Brooklyn's $4bn Atlantic Yards project which will see the construction of 6,000 new apartments along with a basketball arena for the New Jersey Nets.

As part-owner of the Nets and a staunch suporter of the Atlantis project, Jay-Z has found himself drawn into an argument over slavery after Barclays brought the naming rights to the basketball arena for $400m.

The bank (Barclays) faces long-standing accusations that it had links to the 18th century slave trade with some suggesting that it co-operated with South African apartheid, although Barclays deny the claims.

Campbell accuses them of being involved in “a conspiracy dating back hundreds of years and [continuing] to oppress black people, enslave them, [and] unlawfully deport them to all corners of the Earth.”

So Jay is currently sued due to his business associations, but I wouldn't expect a billion dollar payout any time soon. It seems ridiculous on its face to put a price on this or even suggest that Jay-Z is responsible for anything beyond American greed. Read the full article here.

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