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Thursday, February 21, 2008

AMC's Best Picture Movie Marathon

For movie lovers, AMC theaters will be offering a great deal this weekend. AMC Theaters will offer a movie marathon featuring a back-to-back showing of all 5 of the nominees in the Best Picture Category for $30. You'll also receive popcorn, a special collector's movie pass and more. Here's a look at the Best Picture nominees you'll get to watch in the 13 hour marathon.

Atonement - A movie built on mistakes and misunderstandings occurring back in 1935 between two sisters and their housekeepers' son.

Juno - A 16 year old pregnant girl bonds with the parents looking to adopt her baby and forms a growing bond with the adoptive father.

Michael Clayton - A corporate lawyer faces his toughest case yet starring George Clooney.

No Country for Old Men - Psychological thriller where a bag of money is found at a corpse strewn drug scene and sets off an investigation and pursuit by a murderous sociopath. Stars Tommy Lee Jones.

There Will Be Blood - Story of a ruthless oil businessman pursuing wealth and placing trust in a vagrant claiming to be his brother.

The Oscars will be televised this coming weekend February 24th at 8PM EST on ABC. Visit the AMC theater website for more info.

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