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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Jay-Z & Soulja Boy in NBA Feud?

If you haven't heard the sports news, rap star Jay-Z is at the center of a bit of a spat in the NBA's 2008 playoffs. It all started prior to the first round Washington Wizards vs. Cleveland Cavaliers series. The Wizards began trash talking their opponents via media interviews. First, Wizard star Gilbert Arenas claimed that there was no way Cleveland would be able to beat them again (the two teams have met in the playoffs the past two years). Then his Wizards teammate, Deshawn Stevenson, decided to call out Lebron James, the star of Cleveland, and one of the top basketball players in the league.

Stevenson basically called Lebron "overrated" which is strange to hear coming from a guy who's never made the All-star team or really picked up any NBA awards or been considered a top player on anyone's list. Lebron's response? He said Stevenson calling him out basically would be like the one-hit wonder rapper Soulja Boy calling out the greatest of all time, Jay-Z.

Soulja Boy was contacted by Stevenson of the Wizards, and was part of the audience during Game 3 of the series, held in Washington. The Wizards picked up a huge win by over 30 points and the crowd booed Lebron and chanted "overrated" at every opportunity. It's unknown if Soulja Boy's presence and his "Crank Dat" song playing in the arena really had any effect on Lebron or his team's performance.

Now, Jay-Z has jumped into the mix and recorded a dis track about Deshawn Stevenson. Mike Wise, a Washington post sports columnist recently wrote about the story, including the debut of the song in a Washington club called "Love". Only one Washington Wizard was present at the club party an he left, reporting he felt disrespected. For Lebron James, it's good to have friends like the mastermind behind the hit 2007 album American Gangster. But at the same time, Deshawn Stevenson just made a name for himself. (Read Washington Post article here.)

And even though the Detroit Pistons don't have anything to do with this story, Jay-Z and Mary J Blige reportedly put on a powerhouse show in their arena, the Palace at Auburn Hiills.

(Note: Lebron and the Cavaliers won a close Game 4 on Sunday 100-97 over the Wizards. The Cavs now lead the series 3-1. DeShawn Stevenson wasn't mentioned on the ESPN stats for leading scorers.)

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