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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Real World Goes Hollywood

Real World XX Cast

Amazingly, we're now up to Season 20 of the Real World, and what better place for all the drama and social strife to go down then Hollywood, California. The season kicked off on MTV as 7 strangers moved into a pimped out home complete with basketball court, pool, standard hot tub, aquariums and Hollywood decor. Already there's been divisions amongst the home too.

For this year's upstanding roommates, there's Brianna the stripper from Philly who finds out she has a warrant out for her arrest (she beat up her boyfriend). She has 30 days to get back to Philly to court or she's considered a fugitive and will go to jail. It's amazing the background checks MTV does for its reality show roommates. Then again, they may have known and felt it would make for some great drama on TV. Greg who calls himself PretyBoy was chosen via the internet to appear on this season's show. According to his female roommates on the first show, he's overly cocky and feels like he's "God's gift to the planet".

Also on the cast are a "chill" personal trainer, an aspiring music producer, and a blonde southern belle who wants to be an E! News reporter. This is basically like Real World meets Making the Band meets Girls Next Door. Episode 1 already had high tension with a hot tub clearing verbal altercation because PretyBoy Greg called Joey the Physical trainer a "weirdo". Watch out. On episode 1, all of the roommates already decided they dislike Greg who said he just won't talk to anyone. That should make for some interesting situations.

The show will likely include the usual mayhem of roommates wanting to hook up despite having relationships back home, racial issues and general "all in their personal space" type feuds. It's gonna get real, or as real as it can in Hollywood...

Here's a rundown of the 7 strangers picked for Hollywood Swingin'

Joey Kovar - 24 from Chicago, IL - aspiring actor, personal trainer who people say is "chill" with everyone (except Pretyboy)

Kim Alexander - 25 from Columbia, SC - aspiring E! news reporter, southern blonde raised in a strict religious home in the south. She doesn't always think before speaking as evidenced by her comments on show 1 about her Detroit roomie being from a place that is full of crime.

David Malinosky - 22 from Waynesboro, PA - aspiring actor, hopes to become actor or TV host as he's comfortable in front of the camera. Loves all sports, and uses "shock humor".

Sarah Ralston - 21 from Phoenix, AZ - brunette aspiring reporter, recently graduated from AZ State University. The move to Hollywood has put a strain on her relationship back home with her bf, as seen on episode 1.

Will Gilbert - 24 from Detroit, MI - aspiring music producer, does work at weddings, parties and bar mitzvahs. Considered the ladies man of the house he developed a "kindergarten crush" and kissed Kim on episode 1.

Brianna Taylor - 20 from Philadelphia, PA - exotic dancer who was also on Season 5 of American Idol. She finds out on episode 1 she has a warrant for her arrest back in Philly, due to beating up her boyfriend.

Greg Halstead - 20 from Daytona Beach, FL - nicknamed "Pretyboy", picked via the internet for this season's cast. Greg refers to his roommates and others as "peasants" and claims he is "greatness". His roommates take a "disliking" to him in episode 1, go figure.

More info at:'s Real World XX.

Real World Hollywood Wikipedia.

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