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Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Next Cell Phone Innovation?

An interesting article at discusses the concept of evolving cell phone technology. In the future, it's entirely possible that your cell phone ringtones won't exist or be needed. Instead, cell phones will rub, tickle, scratch and tap you to get your attention.

Many people might wonder "Why" we even need that sort of technology. Currently phones can be put on vibrate, but according to one Kevin Li, a UCSD grad student, the other sensations are "noiseless". Li recently presented a paper on the experiments for this concept, titled "Tapping and Rubbing: Exploring New Dimensions of Tactile Feedback with Voice Coil Motors.”

Read more about the cellphone technology ideas here.

For now I think most people will stick with the hottest ringtones instead of a slap or tickle from their cell phone.

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