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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Potfest the Movie Coming Soon?

Towards the end of the ridiculously hilarious 2006 movie "Beerfest" there's a bit about Potfest with Willie Nelson and a statement involving "Potfest is Coming Soon". So naturally fans of Beerfest are talking about a Potfest movie being released. The comedy group Broken Lizard are the ones behind Beerfest and claim in an interview that the "Potfest Coming Soon" was really just a joke of a publicity stunt. However, it may come to life and could follow in the footsteps of other popular cannabis laced movies such as Half Baked and Dazed & Confused.

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According to their interview back in 2006, Kevin Heffernan of Broken Lizard had the following to say regarding bringing "Potfest" to life:

"There's one reaction to Beerfest we're surprised about," says Kevin Heffernan. "We're always asked, 'Are your going to make Potfest? It was just a joke. We really weren't serious about it until everyone said they loved the idea so much. A lot of people are really interested in whether or not we're going to make it, so we've been considering the potential for this. We're talking about doing something, but it's just talk right now."

And one of the things they're talking about is making Potfest an animated movie.

Heffernan explains, "It will, of course, be a sequel to Beerfest. But we're thinking maybe we might make this one animated. An R-rated, animated comedy. You don't see many of those."

The people at Broken Lizard formed at Colgate University as a sketch comedy group. They relocated to New York and have after doing stand up comedy for quite some time they began releasing various comedy flicks. Included in the Broken Lizard's list of releases are hits like Super Troopers, Dukes of Hazzard, Club Dread, and Beerfest. At this time a Potfest movie does not seem like a reality although it's still buzzing on the internet and being considered by Broken Lizard. The next movie from the Lizard is Slammin' Salmon with a cast including Broken Lizard, Michael Clarke Duncan, Cobie Smulders, April Bowlby, Sendhil Ramamurthy, Olivia Munn and Will Forte. The Lizard also has movies called "Alpha Males", "Ambulance Chasers" and "Run for the Border" in the works in conjunction with other studios. Stay tuned as more news develops on the Potfest front!

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