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Thursday, June 11, 2009

So Who Won the Duel 2?

rachel robinson mtv real world road rules challenge
Rachel Robinson schemes way into RW/RR Duel 2 Finals

Who won the Duel 2? That's the question on many minds today as the finale aired last night. In case you missed who won the Duel 2 on MTV, here's your recap...The Real World/Road Rules Challenge Duel 2's season finale aired on MTV last night (6/10/09) and featured a continuation from the week before. Lovebirds Brad and Tori were on the chopping block as both were sent into the duel. Tori faced Aneesa in the Elevator Game, while Brad took on MJ in Pole Dancing. Both were heated battles, with Tori and Aneesa pulling their chains rapidly, but in the end it was Aneesa who pulled Tori to the top first, sending her home, and away from Brad. Feeding up his love and raw emotions, Brad went into Pole Dancing, survived MJ trying to pull him off, and even pushed MJ off to finally climb to the top and win it. Goodbye MJ, you can now return to your wife and kids...

Here's where it gets real good. We're down to Brad, Landon, Evan and Mark for the guys, Rachel Robinson, Brittni, Aneesa Ferreria and Diem for the girls. TJ Lavin tells the remaining contestants "See you soon", and then makes a house visit to the total of 8 guys and girls left. He informs them that there's only 3 girls and 3 guys in the finals, so that means they will have yet another duel to send someone of each sex home. The catch is the groups of 4 must choose someone to send into elimination. That person gets to choose their opponent.

Landon who was the top competitor all season, winning most challenges volunteers to go get some paper so the 4 guys can cast votes. When he leaves the remaining 3 guys say ok let's vote Landon. Landon's sent into the duel and he immediately warns Brand he'll be choosing him. The girls are less political as Aneesa, Brittni and Rachel all elect Diem. Diem decides to make them all mull over who she will choose that night, by refusing to say who she's bringing into the Duel.

The next day the Duel arrives, it's "Duel or Die". Landon and Brand are going to be doing Back Off, where they must pull a ring off their opponent's back, then run over and hook it onto a hanging ring. It's highly intense, and Landon thinks the object is to keep tackling your opponent. He slams Brad to the ground wrestling style, and TJ tells him that's not the rules, as Brad rushed over to latch his ring on. It's 1-0 Brad. The second one, Landon now knows the rules and uses his size to overpower and beat Brad. 1-1, now it's down to the last one. Both men get their opponent's ring, however Brad is slammed into the wall and Landon's right near his hanging ring. Brad gets up and hit the hanging ring into the air, then runs for his own. Landon has trouble latching his ring on, and Brad hooks his to win an amazing duel!

Now it's the girls' turn, and Diem has notified Aneesa and Rachel it's not you, then calls in Brittni. The girls are playing "Pushover" and Diem wants to show she's not one. As they rush at each other American Gladiators style, Diem gets down low and knocks her taller opponent off balance, and off the platform. 1-0 Diem. Unfortunately, rounds 2 and 3 weren't so kind to D, as Brittni displayed her pure aggression and athletic talent to send Diem home. After a teary goodbye, we're ready for the Final challenge.

The Final challenge for Duel 2 involved a marathon style race which had 5 different puzzles along the way corresponding to duels. There was a race through water to get to land and then the contestants had to assemble a puzzle like in "Spot on". From there they had to rush to a huge pole, climb the pole and unchain a bicycle for their next leg of the marathon. The contestants had to bike on a grueling mountain uphill. Our leaders were Brad and Rachel, with Evan and Brittni not far behind. Brad and Rachel arrive to the first "partner" challenge, where they have to hook themselves together by a large ring (like in Back off) and then race to the next challenge. Next they must push a heavy box full of dirt and sand to get to a key to unchain themselves. At this stage, Evan and Brittni are gaining some ground, or at least Evan is. His strength helps them in the push over challenge. Meanwhile, Aneesa and Mark are lagging way behind.

The contestants are now partner-free, and Rachel is sprinting to the final challenge. Brad is walking because his leg's been cramping up, he wants to avoid serious injury. Meanwhile Evan tries to gain ground and is running for it. Rachel is the first to the final challenge, an Elevator style game where they must pull themselves to the top, grab a flag/card and then lower back down. Rachel does it, and rushes to TJ Lavin at the finish. Brad and Evan are now neck and neck in Elevator game, and lower themselves about the same time. Evan bolts out of the contraption and they sprint for the finish. Evan beats Brad by mere seconds to win the $100,000!

Aneesa and Mark are still going, and want to finish it out. Mark, being a gentleman helps Aneesa to finish, rather than leaving her behind. So here's your finishers and their prizes:

1st place - Rachel Robinson & Evan Starkman - $100,000
2nd place - Brittni Sherrod & Brad Fiorenza - $35,000
3rd place - Aneesa Ferreira & Mark Long - $15,000

Not to shabby as all finalists took home some G's. These shows are always intense, full of drama and excitement. It's still a happy ending for Brad and Tori who will take home some money for their impending wedding. And now you know just who won the Duel 2.

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