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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Taylor Swift & T-Pain - Thug Story Lyrics & Video

The 2009 CMT Music Awards kicked off with a most unlikely pairing as Country/Pop and Hip-hop/R&B worlds collided. The opening video was entitled "Thug Story" by country star Taylor Swift and the master of the autotune, T-Pain. That's right it was T-Swizzle and T-Pizzle with Taylor delivering some "swift" lyrics backed by the crooning of T-Pain. Here's the Thug Story video featuring Taylor Swift and T-Pain.

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Thug Story Lyrics
Taylor Swift & T-Pain

ey ey T-Swizzle (T-Swizzle)
T-Pizzle (T-Pizzle)

I'm like 8 foot 4 blond hair to the floor
You shorties never thought I dreamed about rappin' hardcore!
No I ain't gotta gun, no I never really been in a club
Still live with my parents but I'm still a thug
I'm so gangsta you can find me bakin cookies at night
You out clubbin? well I just made caramel delight!
T-Swift & T-Pain rappin' on the same track
It's a thug story tell me can you handle that?
I had a dream last night, I had hi-top Nikes
I had diamonds in my mouth and diamonds on my mic
By the time I woke I was singin -
I'm on a boa---t (T-Pain)

Cuz I'm a signature rapper (Swift)
Shorty I'ma make ya (T-Pain)
Straight to the top yo (Swift)
Shorty I'ma take ya (T-Pain)
Call me T-Sweezy now I'm a rap star (Swift)
It's a Thug Story now tell em who you are (T-Pain)
Say ya turned gangsta (T-Pain)
You don't wanna fight me (Swift)
Straight to the top (T-Pain)
In my xtra-small white tee (Swift)
T-Swift & T-Pain on the same track,
now it's a Thug Story now can you gimme that? (T-Pain)

What?! What?! I knit sweaters yo!
What?! What?! Don't test me (bleep)

Swift talking: Hey hold on, hold on I didn't even say anything
I said yo
You guys bleeped me and I didn't even say anything, I didn't swear

T-Pain sings: She didn't even swear-

Swift: Hello? ugh!

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Another interesting collaborative effort later in the show saw the duo Sugarland singing the B-52's classic "Love Shack" right before the group joined them on stage to finish the track out. Taylor Swift was one of the CMT Awards big winners of the night as winner of Video of the Year and Female Video of the Year for "Love Story". Possibly "Thug Story" will be up for a BET award? Think not, but still a creative little comedic skit to merge country with rap, similar to the radio hit Nelly did years back.

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Comments on "Taylor Swift & T-Pain - Thug Story Lyrics & Video"


Blogger Brite said ... (9/24/2009 1:15 AM) : 

its "singer turned rapper"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (6/15/2010 1:52 PM) : 

it's can you get with that, not gimme.


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