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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Real World Cancun Episode 7 - LMFAO Band

On MTV's Real World Cancun episode 7 (season 22), the household hookups were spotlighted, a band named LMFAO visited, and Joey Rozmus was sent packing. One of the major themes of the "Peak Week" epsidoe was hookups, with Bronne, Joey, Derek all getting some while poor little Jasmine was unable to woo her prospect Pat. Pat's the guy she's been frustrated with for some time, and in the latest episode of RW, Jasmine literally threw herself at Pat, only to be rejected. Pat claimed he wanted to get to know her, and of course this made Jasmine want him even more. However, Jasmine's frustrations came out as she was shown breaking objects and punching walls in the house. Later in the show, we saw Johnna getting very cozy with Pat, seeming to flirt right in front of Jasmine. Jasmine was not too pleased about it.

The roommates latest job for Student City was to entertain the LMFAO band. LMFAO is an electro-hip hop group consisting of DJ/rappers Redfoo and Sky Blu. They were accompanied by a manager and dancer as well. The roomies had to make sure the band was enjoying themselves, got what they needed, and that their shows went off without any complications. Bronne was the lead project manager for it all, and Joey stepped up big to help him out during the concert. Ayiiia was shown sitting around doing nothing on the job, which infuriated Bronne just a bit. LMFAO performed their hit song "I'm in Miami B---h" substituting Cancun in for Miami, and the crowd was loving it. By the way LMFAO is signed to Interscope and has also done a track with rapper/producer Lil' Jon called "Shots". Their album is Party Rock, which consists of 15 tracks. (LMFAO Myspace page)

The big surprise of the episode (which was ruined by Mark Long on his after show commercials during the breaks), was when Joey Rozmus was fired from Student City and told to leave the Real World Cancun. The incident came when Joey was asked to work a morning shift luncheon/breakfast, which would require him to rise early in the morning (8am or so). He asked fellow roomie CJ to set the alarm for him, but somehow the two of them overslept, never heard an alarm, and CJ didn't realize it until about 2 hours too late. Joey tried to plead his case on the phone to Student City boss Christina, but it was to no avail. Even CJ and Bronne tried to support Joey's case, but they had no luck either. Joey was handed a plane ticket back home to Massachusetts, and said farewells to the cast members he could find before having to go. Ayiiia was of course ecstatic to see Joey go home. So now we're down to 7 roommates like the old days, and there wasn't really any mention if a replacement will be added in place of Joey.

On the Real World After Show, we saw Joey reunited with some of his roommates since being kicked off. Bronne, Jasmine and Jonna were all there to discuss the latest episode. Joey mentioned that he was at a point where he was just ready to go back home to be around family and friends, so it wasn't a big deal. Jasmine and Johnna discussed the whole Pat situation, and from the looks of upcoming previews that situation will get even more interesting.

MTV's Real World Cancun airs Wednesday nights on MTV at 10 PM EST.

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